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We, the Entertainment-Education community, meeting at The Third International Entertainment- Education Conference for Social Change, at Arnhem and Amsterdam, The Netherlands, September 17-22, 2000, commit ourselves to the advancement of the field of Entertainment-Education.

Our commitment to developing Entertainment-Education includes the following seven positions:

  • The synergy of entertainment and education consists of deliberately combining the joy of entertainment with the empowering potential of education to achieve social progress for all.

  • Ethics in the field of Entertainment-Education should encourage full and informed participation of all stakeholders, especially including audiences. Ethical practice is based on appropriate information and includes careful design and monitoring of implementation processes as well as societal consequences of Entertainment-Education projects.

  • Theory and practice are based on inclusiveness, diversity, and a variety of genres, multi-disciplinary theories, methods, formats, and channels. Theory and practice incorporate intuitive and scientific modern and traditional approaches, including folk media, community broadcasting, and emerging technologies. Theory and practice facilitate transcreational and locally adaptable formats applicable to individuals and communities.

  • We recognize the importance of conducting and sharing research to the development of the Entertainment-Education field. We encourage fine-tuning of current research methods and support new and more comprehensive approaches for formative, monitoring, and evaluation research. We will set a research agenda that includes study into the role of performing artists, their involvement in social subjects, and intended and unintended effects.

  • We will expand professional expertise through continuing pre-service and in-service training and education in related professional fields as well as the Entertainment-Education sector through academic and on-the-job training methods.

  • Entertainment-Education promotes sound business practices that will support sustainability, including branding and marketing, to optimize cost-effectiveness with a fair and equitable financial return to all participants.

  • We agree to develop a network of associates that will facilitate the exchange of information and materials and that will function as an advocate for Entertainment-Education. The three organizing parties of this event here commit to sustaining this network, establishing and coordinating a Web site, developing a global distribution system for existing Entertainment- Education materials, and other initiatives. We will plan for future meetings amongst our organizations and with other interested parties; and establish awards to recognize excellence in the Entertainment-Education field.

We anticipate that these activities will contribute to the advancement of the Entertainment-Education field for the benefit of our active audiences.

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